New blog and new project: Cube World Omega

Hi everybody, I’m currently working on a new version of Cube World. I chose the project title Cube World Omega as a reference to Cube World Alpha, because I’d like to develop it in the spirit of that version, but with a new engine and new features.

I made a video to show you some new stuff:

New engine

The game has a completely new graphics engine based on Vulkan.

I added some ambient things like moving clouds, jiggling tree leaves and water waves as well as weather effects such as rain and snow. Also, water in colder areas can now be frozen with a slippery ice surface.

Procedural Models

The biggest change I’m working on is procedural models. All creatures in the world, including players, NPCs, pets, are now procedurally generated so that basically each creature is unique. No part of a character is hand-modeled, neither hair, face nor hands – everything is generated by an algorithm.

This also allows me to easily add facial expressions to each model. Here are some examples:

Also items such as weapons and armor will be procedurally generated


The GUI gets an overhaul, too. Here’s a first look:

I’m also planning to bring back experience, leveling and skill trees for this version.


By the way, I’m uploading my music to Soundcloud:

Here is the track from the latest video.

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